Do you know what is the sofa tray table?

Do you know what is sofa tray table?

Sofa tray is a small table where you can put your things, food, drinks, everything you need. You can also use this as table for your laptop.

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 Sofa tray is usually made of wood, but sometimes also made of other materials: plastic, metal, glass. It is very important that the sofa tray is durable and easy to clean. Stability is also important. People call it many different ways: sofa tray, sofa cover, under sofa table, etc.



If you answer yes to the following questions, the sofa tray is just for you.

  • Do you like the comfort and beauty?
  • Do you like to eat in front of the TV?
  • Have you ever spilled food or drink, or afraid of this happening?

If you answered yes to these questions, the sofa tray is just for you.
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 Our sofa trays:

  • We use high-quality timber from ash tree that provides each sofa tray with a unique grain and is also very durable
  • Onto the back of the sofa tray a genuine linen fabric has been glued, Which is almost completely wearproof and provides it with the required flexibility
  • As for finishing materials, we use water varnishes and stains, which are absolutely safe and environmentally friendly and also contribute to elegant appearance
  • Currently, we produce wooden sofa trays in two colors, but in the near future we plan to increase the color opinion
  • In response to customer's wishes we are planning to start soon producing plastic sofa trays