Our Story

7 facts about us:

  1. LipLap is an Estonian furniture manufacturer.
  2. It was founded in 2013 by a father and son.
  3. We specialize in products that make people’s lives easier.
  4. We only use the best raw materials available and focus on quality design.
  5. All our wood is sourced from the local Estonian forests.
  6. Our timber is made from eco-friendly materials only.
  7. LipLap furniture is handmade to ensure the high-quality nature of our products.


    Enjoy life from your sofa

    The idea behind Sofa Tray was born to solve an everyday problem. As the founder Taur recalls it:

    „I was curled up on the couch watching TV when my tea fell over causing a mess on the carpet. I thought there must be a product out there to make eating and drinking on the sofa a little bit easier and safer. 
    So, I did some research on the internet, but all the tables I found seemed clumsy and uncomfortable. That's why me and my dad decided to make one on our own. Our first sofa tray already looked different from the others on the market. Its design was simple and practical. In fact, it caught people's attention straight away and just like that – our own little business was founded!"

    Sofa Tray creates a sturdy surface to eat and drink on the couch worry-free. It takes the shape of your armrest and makes it the perfect place to hold your book or laptop. So, work or relax comfortably on your sofa without having to worry about spillage.

    Even though our idea turned into a profitable business fast, our team is continually working hard to improve our products and service. We would also like to hear your ideas on how we could make our shop better. Contact us: info@sofatray.eu