What to expect?

Hi, everybody! It has been a crazy year for us. We would never have imagined that so many people like our Sofa Tray tables. Thank you all! At the moment, over 3000 homes around the world own our Sofa Tray.

Here is our 2016 sales map. This year we have sold over 800 sofa trays!

Moreover, we have sold our products to 48 US states. So what's up Idaho and West Virginia? We need your support :)

Here is our US sales map.

After all, all our customers are satisfied. It is proved by the fact that we have almost 150 positive reviews on Etsy. Check out HERE! 

All in all, the quality is most important to us. We have worked years to improve sofa tray table and we never stop innovating. There are always something to upgrade or fix, this  is why we stand out from the crowd. Also, we will release 4 new colors before Christmas (including exclusive Golden Sofa Tray).

A couple of months ago we finished our development and came out with unique Candle Holder which has a unique structure. It has been a great success, but we hope that more people will discover them before Christmas because it is a perfect present.

Also, we are developing some new cool products and hope to release them in Autumn. Stay tuned :) But if you have a unique idea then feel free to contact us. Turn your big dreams into reality! You can also suggest us retail stores where you like to see us.

Thanks for reading!